Cryotherapy (2013-2020)

Cryotherapy – applied after oxygen or non-needle mesotherapy and closes the pores by cooling so that the active substances can remain in the epidermis and isolates the skin from contamination and inflammations, to calm the skin. Thus, significantly prolongs the effect of the active ingredients.

Multifunctional device for jade and oxygen therapy, ultrasound peels, cryotherapy and bio-electric stimulation.

Jade tip – heated bio-energy flow comes naturally from the jaded head of Myanmar, which rapidly recharges the skin with natural elements such as zinc, magnesium, iron, copper, chromium, manganese, cobalt, etc. thus regrouping the skin’s destroyed structures, making it an nephritis energy accumulator. Jade thermotherapy promotes microcirculation and improves the skin metabolism. Since the old times the jade was regarded as the first means of treating various diseases. To this day, many countries use spheres of jade to massage the body and face. Jade also has the ability to smooth facial skin.

Oxygen spray – saturates the skin with oxygen to the deepest layers. It provides deep penetration for cosmetic products and oxygen deep into the epidermis through a series of pulses with high pressure.

Tip for biolifting of the eye contour. – Bio facelift has a micro electric current with low energy, which is consistent with the natural electrical impulses of the body. It stimulates blood circulation and reduces muscle fibers in the form of passive gymnastics. It also promotes the penetration of active ingredients in depth. It is usually applied in the area of the eye contour. The results are visible immediately after the procedure: the eyes look rested and refreshed; the swelling is decreasing; reduces dark circles; reduces fine lines; tightens the eye muscles, increases muscle flexibility and enhances the outline of the eyes.