Photoepilation and photorejuvenation (E-Light) (2013-2020)

IPL + RF = E-light / Elos system. New technology for permanent hair removal, photorejuvenation, of pigmentation treatment, broken capillaries and acne treatment:

E-light is the latest proven technology for treating all skin types. Unlike IPL (intense pulses of light), this light is combined with a bipolar RF (radio frequency). The synergy of these two technologies allows for better targeting towards the subject (hair, capillaries, spots, acne, enlarged pores, etc.) and deeper energy penetration.

The essence of this technology consists in the fact that that the radio frequency pre-heats the bjects and thereby directs light energy to the desired location on the body or face. E-light is a much more efficient method compared to the IPL, as the effect can be achieved with fewer procedures.