Plasmolifting (2013-2020)

Plasmolifting™ – this is an innovative revitalizing injection procedure, which allows the  process activation for natural rejuvenation of the skin and improving its quality. The method Plasmolifting ™ aims to return patients’ youth, beauty and confidence. Plasmolifting ™ is a natural method for rejuvenation and modeling the processes of tissue regeneration. The PRP technology (Platelet Rich Plasma) is based on the use of the patient’s own platelet plasma’s recovering effect, which is then injected into the treatment zone. How does Plasmolifting work? At the basis of the procedure lies the patented method of processing the patient’s blood, allowing the platelet auto plasma to separate itself from the mix. Platelet auto plasma – it’s a natural “elixir of youth”, which contains growth factors with high concentration, as well as naturally combined hormones, proteins and vitamins. When injected into the skin, the plasma normalizes the skin tissue’s breathing, regulates water balance, and stimulates the formation of collagen, elastane and intercellular substance. After applying the Plasmolifting procedure, the skin protection system is activated and accelerated tissue repair is intensified.


    • Aging process of the skin (chrono-aging);
    • Deterioration of the skin after insolation (photoaging);
    • Acne and post-acne;
    • Sensitive “stressful” skin;
    • Dermatological diseases (atopic dermatitis, psoriasis, eczema);
    • Cellulite;


  • System and oncological diseases;
  • Blood disorders;
  • Acute infective process;
  • Allergy to anticoagulants;

The procedure helps to increase collagen synthesis in the dermis; enhances tissue regeneration; activates the metabolism in the skin cells; normalizes water and oxygen balance, with which it achieves the following clinical effects:

  • Reduces wrinkles on the face;
  • Delays the aging process of the skin;
  • Increases the turgor of the face;
  • improves the relief of the skin;
  • Removes of hyperpigmentation, photoaging signs;
  • Treats acne, reducing the post acne;
  • Reduces swelling and bruising under the eyes;
  • Improves skin color;
  • Removes dry and itchy skin
  • Increases local immunity of the skin;
  • Reducing the effect of “orange crust”;

Advantages of the method Plasmolifting ™

  • Safe, natural;
  • Does not cause allergies or rejection;
  • Is not mutagenic;
  • Non-toxic;
  • Contains no harmful components;
  • Exclude the possibility of infection;