Nanotherapy (2013-2020)

Platinum nano-colloidal generator – unique nanotechnology with platinum!

Platinum nano-colloid generator uses high-density current flow in a metal with maximized resistance characteristics, through explosion. In this process, plasma is formed in a very short time to produce millions of nano-colloid particles with a size of 3 nm. Platinum is one of the best antioxidants and is useful in therapies against aging. Nanotechnology allows wrinkle reduction by restoring the collagen – improving skin hydration – improving protection for the skin, having a strong antiseptic and antioxidant action. Nano therapy is one of the latest innovations in the cosmetic industry. It does not depend on sun or cold, it can be applied all year round. Nano therapy, unlike other facial and neck procedures which bring active substances in higher skin layers, provides effectiveness in the deeper layers of the skin. It has an antioxidant activity, along with its treatment of certain skin problem.

What is nanotherapy?
The platinum nanocolloid generator uses a high-density current to flow in a metal with maximum resistive characteristics. The serum, with which we carry out the nano therapy, is activated by light and is transformed into enriched with platinum plasma. Nanocolloid particles with size of 3nm are formed, which then travel into the deeper skin layers and are easily absorbed. The nanocolloidal plasma is placed in special roller and is used to treat the skin.

Is it compatible with other procedures?
Nanotechnology is compatible with RF, oxygen therapy and phototherapy. Applying nanotherapy a week after chemical or herbal scrub restores and regenerates the skin even better.

How many treatments are needed?
It can be done as a separate procedure when you need an urgent skin care for better looks, or over a course of 4 treatments as a therapy.